Ebroidery can be traced as far back as 5th - 3rd century B.C. and has lived on generation after generation with minimal changes to technique or materials used. Colorful threads became a form of decorative communication for our gradnmothers and great - grandmothers who used to convene daily with neighbors and friends in their homes’ countryards to embroider and talk, instinctively creating a therapeutic communal gathering.  
Inspired by Greek folklore designs, we apply the same traditional hand - stiching techniques our gradnmothers and great - grandmothers used years ago, modernizing them by combining delicate needlework with highest quality cotton thread and lustous recycled metals. 
Earth-friendly sources, community service, and environmental rehabilitation. All Charalampia creations are handmade with the utmost commitment and dedication to intelligent design, quality, sustainability, and ethical practices and can be found in selected concept stores, boutique hotels, resorts, and galleries throughout Europe and the United States.
Each one-of-a-kind piece also channels the regenerative energy of second chances, re-birth, and transformation using recycled and sustainable materials, a philosophy that weaves throughout her business via employment opportunities.