You may find that the shine on your jewelry fades a little over time; thisis perfectly normal, particularly for pieces worn on high-contact areas,such as rings and bracelets. However, you can maintain your jewelrybright and shiny for longer by following the care instructions below. 
We deliver all of our pieces in a gift-ready box and storage pouch. We recommend keeping your jewelry in the pouch the product arrives in toavoid oxidation from exposure to moisture and direct sunlight andprotect them from damage and dust while you’re not wearing them.Jewelry boxes are a great place to store jewelry, but that alone won’tprevent sterling silver pieces from tarnishing.  
You may want to wear your jewelry all the time, but giving them a breakduring the day will guarantee maximum shine over a more extendedperiod. Therefore, make it the last thing you put on while gettingdressed and the first thing you take off. Be very careful not to exposejewelry to makeup, perfume, oils, or hair products. If this isn’t possible,allow any self-care and beauty products to dry completely beforewearing them. Sweat has the same anti-shine effect, so make sure toremove any items before exercising. Also, avoid water. Never wear yourjewelry in the shower, in the swimming pool, sauna, or during anyactivity where it may get wet. And finally, keep your jewelry away fromany harsh chemicals such as household cleaning products, and don’twear them during activities where they could be hit or scratched. Don’tforget, delicate chains need extra care when storing, so they don’t breakor get twisted. Gently coil chains when storing and avoid yanking orpulling on them. 
How to Clean
1. Wipe each piece with the soft buffing cloth we provide.
2. Do not use any products that contain alcohol, as this can ruin thefinish, and avoid direct contact with water and chemical products,such as soap and detergents.
3. Take the time to lightly clean your jewelry after each wear toremove any makeup or skin oil residue.