Embroidery can be traced as far back as the 5th-3rd century B.C. and has lived on generation after generation with minimal changes to technique or materials used. Colorful threads became a form of decorative communication for our grandmothers and great-grandmothers who used to convene daily with neighbors and friends in their homes’ courtyards to embroider and talk, instinctively creating a therapeutic communal gathering. We continue to use the highest quality cotton thread for all our creations. 

Recycled brass is the cornerstone of our jewelry collections. As a versatile binary alloy composed of copper and zinc, it is both a practical and precious metal and makes for an ethical alternative to gold. All brass is free from lead and cadmium – we ensure complete contaminant removal occurs during the recycling and purification process.

Gold jewelry components such as earring fastenings and necklace chains are made from 9ct gold and 14k gold fill. Our gold-plated pieces are created by electroplating 24k gold onto brass at a thickness of 1 micron.

Some pieces, such as earrings, are made with 925 sterling silver or have sterling silver fastenings. Others feature silver that is electroplated brass with an additional layer of chrome which gives them a high shine and a durable finish.