Inspired by Greek folklore designs, we apply the same traditional hand-stitching techniques our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used years ago, modernizing them by combining delicate needlework with lustrous metals.  
Brass is the base of all our creations as it is a metal that meets sustainability requirements. Methods used to create and recycle it have a lower carbon footprint than even aluminum and steel. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass carries the basic properties of both of these metals, which explains its ease of "shaping" and its use in jewelry design. However, it is not created by combining the two metals, which would be both costly and environmentally harmful, but rather through recycling, as it can be melted down and reused over and over again. This process does not affect its valuable properties, making it a material that exemplifies the principles of the circular economy, an important consideration given the environmental crisis.
Before melting, pouring, and hammering the brass material by hand, our artisans source it ethically from various places, including waste facilities, focusing on recycled and reclaimed elements. As a result, each piece is traceable, from design to delivery.
Our jewelry is 100% handmade by talented artisans and built to last. With proper care, it should last you a lifetime.
Full disclosure: Although we strive towards zero waste in our manufacturing process, sometimes it is not entirely possible, as small, randomly-shaped pieces of brass may separate from the finished product during jewelry casting.